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In 2000, MedCartPlus began as a small Toronto organization with one product line of medication carts. Our business expanded rapidly as new medication packaging technologies and methods were adapted across Canada. We strove to keep pace with lighter, ergonomic products, adaptable and customizable delivery systems, and new technologies that would aid clinicians in efficiently delivering medications – in any type of packaging format.

Over the years, MedCartPlus consistently accomplished two things: satisfy our customers, and foster partnerships with our suppliers that were mutually beneficial.  Becoming part of Capsa Healthcare in 2017 helps us to remain true to our core values. More than ever, we are committed to helping our customer base adapt, expand, and provide excellent care. We are committed to our partners, whether they are our end-customers or our providers. And we are optimistic about the continued growth of MedCartPlus. These are exciting times for our industry, our company, and our partners. Come explore how our solutions can help you elevate your performance, every day.